Multi-Room is the distribution of sound and vision from a central location to provide media services into separate rooms within a dwelling. This is the perfect solution to keep rooms clutter free.

Synergy AV plan & design your existing rooms to complement your existing interior decor and style. Our expertise in the understanding of home automation allows us to seamlessly integrate our control panels, touch screens and keypads into your space.

Imagine having high-definition TV & Music in every room with a single tap of a screen. Streamed all over your home with the minimum amount of cabling and the maximum amount of quality. Enabling each room to access different High Definition services and giving individuals the ability to listen to Classic FM in the bath while relaxing, while the rest of the home can be listening to another radio station or watching their favourite TV programme in an another room. With the integration of audio visual you are no longer restricted to one room. With modern technology your sound can now be played from discreet or even invisible speakers throughout your home.

Multi-Room not only offers the distribution of today’s media but also future proofs your home for new technologies and media sources in the future.

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