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Synergy security division has achieved NSI Silver Systems.

We offer you cutting edge, intelligent alarm systems for your home. Integrating the security system with intelligent lighting control and the automated home provides a level of security beyond that of any stand alone security system.

Synergy security control puts the power of home security in the palm of your hand,  giving you peace of mind. An essential part of complete and effective home security starts with prevention. That’s why Synergy’s home systems are designed so you can control and monitor your entire property from virtually anywhere.

We install security protection into the fabric of your home. Systems that intelligently monitor your home/office, providing you with all round alerts and warnings that are convenient and clever to use. Preview streaming video from security cameras right on your touch screen display or mobile device. Control camera positions with ease from a handheld device in your home or even remotely from your iPad, iPhone or Android device.

Keep an eye out any time, all the time. At home, use your touch screen as a video intercom system so you can see who’s at the door. While you’re away, arm and disarm alarm systems.

With Synergy, home security is easy and reliable.

We also offer monitoring and maintenance on all of our security packages to suit all budgets; for more information on either of these please contact the Synergy offices.

Knowing that the security of you and your family is of the utmost importance, our systems are installed in accordance with the British Standards in force, currently PD6662:2010 (the UK interpretation of BS EN50131).


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