Smart CCTV Systems

CCTV has been a common fixture in shops, pubs, car parks and other public places for many years. Now, thanks to easier installation and falling prices, it’s becoming an increasingly popular choice for security-conscious homeowners. Home CCTV or business CCTV can enable you to keep an eye on your property whilst you’re away by viewing a live feed of your property via your smartphone or tablet.

Smart CCTV systems can be linked up with your access control systems and intruder alarms and send alerts if an intruder has been detected on your property. CCTV can provide the ultimate peace of mind to protect your home or business. Your smart CCTV system doesn’t have to stand out and can be blended seamlessly into your home using the latest technologies. Experts in CCTV installations, Synergy can ensure you get the best out of your smart technology.